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FRAGRANCES. Eau De Perfum (100ml)

FASIH PERFUMES® is a luxury brand offering the highest quality of perfumes and fragrance oils. The Magnetizing fragrances evoke the power of attraction. Indulge in the hypnotic and alluring scent with a unique and attractive smell. Get ready to get seduced with the fragrances that kindle the romance and vigour in you... to crave for an unforgettable experience.


ALL DAY PERFUMES. A simple way to freshen, cool and fragrance your body with a higher concentration of fragrance oils, our fragrance spray gives you a more intense, longer-lasting aroma. Feel the finest blend for a unique fragrance experience.

POCKET PERFUME. Traveller's Exclusive (30ml)

Traveller's COLLECTION is a sophisticated composition for Men & women who love elegant, timeless fragrances. Easy to carry .......... Perfect for sexy, sultry and lusciously scented skin.

ROLL-ON (8ml/15ml). Attar Roll-on & French Perfume Oil

ATTAR ROLL-ON (8ml) & FRENCH PERFUME OIL (15ml) - Discover stress relief Perfume Oil. An aromatherapy blend of floral essential oils relaxes and soothes the mind & mood. Enjoy this lovely FRENCH FRAGRANCE in oil form. Concentrated perfume oils are skin safe. Apply deeply and all over for best results.

GIFTING. Corporate Gifting Solutions

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